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Thread: linksys wireless router

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    i have a linksys wireless b router, so i was wondering if a wireless pci card would work from the 2nd floor to the basement, how far does a wireless card generally work

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    the wireless B router has a general range of 100- 150 feet. However, the are sometmes problems with walls and floors. The only thing I can say is if you already have it, try it. If you have problems, try a range extender.

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    nope i dont have it, i want to see if it works first before i get it, generally my cordless phones work that range, would cordless phones be weaker or stronger

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    It very much depends on the materials used. Concrete floors will be much more difficult for the signal to pass through than wooden flooring. The type of adapter can affect things, those with an aerial on a lead usually being better than those where it simply sticks out the back of the card.

    The positioning of any vertical walls is very much an issue too. For instance if the router is just to the left of a vertical wall and the adapter is just to the right of the same wall the signal may have to pass through up to 20' of the wall material as well as the floors, because of the angles involved.

    The only way really IS to try it.
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    umm my 900mhz cordless phone works so im guesing a 2.4ghz band should work, its realli like 50 or so feet up and down if its straight, shouldnt past through that many walls, i ordered one from newegg, $40 then $20 rebate so its $20 =D we'll see how it is

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    keep in mind that higher frequencies (i.e. 2.4ghz) don't penetrate walls near as well as lower radio frequencies(i.e. 900mhz).

    think of radio frequencies as sound waves. the lower frequencies of your bass notes can be "heard" in other rooms but you'll notice that higher noise frequencies can't be heard.

    same concept applies to radio frequencies.

    you simply won't know until you try it.


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