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Thread: Developing P2P Applications a Snap With AllPeers SDK

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    [news=]With the increasing prevalence of broadband, always-on connections, fast personal computers and large media files, more and more companies are looking at P2P technologies to enhance their products and decrease their infrastructure costs. However, it is much more difficult to create P2P applications than traditional client/server software, slowing the appearance of innovative new P2P software. The AllPeers SDK is aimed at development teams who want to deploy advanced P2P applications while concentrating on value-added features rather than on low-level networking code.

    “There is a real shortage of quality software libraries for developing P2P services,” says Matthew Gertner, Chief Technology Officer of AllPeers. “The few products that do exist offer only basic networking features, a small part of a fully functional P2P application. The AllPeers SDK, in contrast, provides extensive data management and user interface capabilities that integrate smoothly with the P2P networking layer. The result is higher quality, more feature-rich applications and a considerable acceleration in time to market.”

    The AllPeers platform is the basis of an advanced digital photo sharing application published by AllPeers Ltd., and available at More applications are on the way from pre-launch customers, including a Global 500 company that retained AllPeers after an extensive technical evaluation that included several competing products and technologies.

    The SDK is currently available for Windows 2000 and XP, with versions for Macintosh and Linux slated for release in late 2005. More information can be found on the AllPeers website at

    Source: PR Web[/news]

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    Looks good.Im gonna Download this for the heck of it.Thanks

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