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Thread: One Giant Leap for IRC Downloading

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    [news=]One of the more important advancements in file-sharing over the last few years has been the introduction of torrent files and NZB (Newzbin) files. Torrent files, associated with the BitTorrent network, allow for the simplistic indexing and distribution of media content over this network. NZB files make Usenet life easier by downloading only the headers necessary to complete an archive. Now, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) has its own file system to facilitate downloading. has become a well known resource for its ability to index content on IRC. This is no simple task considering there are hundreds of independent IRC networks, such as DALnet, EFnet and UnderNet. In order to make the giant task of indexing the vast quantities of material easier, bots are used to gather information. The information is indexed, allowing for individuals to search IRCís extensive database of information.

    This feature greatly simplifies the task of traveling and connecting to various IRC networks trying to find information. In the past, this task alone was a daunting one. First, one would have to find a well populated IRC network. Once connected, the individual would have to find the proper channel (chat room) conduct a search query (providing the IRC network in question even has such channels, many do not.) If those first two steps were completed properly, the individual would then have to struggle with F-servers - providing one knows how to navigate such beast. To say the least, venturing IRC looking for information was a daunting task.

    Nevertheless, to many it is a task worthy of traveling considering the vast amounts of information available. In its quest to make IRC even more inviting, IRCSpy has enhanced its search engine and introduced a companion application and file system called AutoXDCC and XDCC. How does it work?

    Let us say you conduct a search for "A Great Song" on IRCSpy's search engine. It will return your query with, for example, 20 results - all organized by file name, update time, file type, ect. It also has an associated file called "XDCC."

    These XDCC files tell the companion application, AutoXDCC, the exact location of "A Great Song." AutoXDCC is simply a small downloading client that sits in your system tray. One is able to download an unlimited amount of files without the annoyance of shuffling through mIRC or other IRC applications.

    The introduction of this application and file makes downloading off IRC simple. No more hassles with F-servers or complicated IRC channels. All one needs to do is download AutoXDCC, conduct a search on IRCSpy and click on the XDCC file desired. Of course, this does not resolve the ever present queue situation. Perhaps IRCSpy's brilliance is reflected in the fact that patience is and probably always will be associated with IRC.

    Source: Slyck[/news]
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