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Thread: Daredevil

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    So i downloaded Daredevil and when i went to my shared folder to watch it the movie wasnt there. But people are still uploading it from me. What happened? And is there anyway that i can get it so i can view it?

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    i don't know if this will help or no but i don't understand it myself but when i installed the latest kazaalite it installs, 2 my shared folder's 1 in the program folder c:/kazaalite/my sharded
    folder and 1 striaght on my c drive c:my shared folder.
    It my b the same for u check them both.

    it might have stayed as a dat file ,u could use dat view to
    check, if it has just rename the extenion .

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    we will see what happens

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    Do you have a hash for Daredevil? Everytime I try to dl it I get a Jackie Chan movie or a porno.

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    the only movie of deardevil for the moment is

    Daredevil (2003) I
    1 - 127,310 KB
    2 - 132,934 KB
    Daredevil (2003) I
    1 - 135,770 KB
    2 - 127,734 KB

    but they are cine rips, so bad quality,


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    AH crap i mean come on how bout people quite sharing bad stuff

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    You noobs.

    theres been good qualities of daredevil since the weekend it came out. See my hash here for the SVCD version.

    There is also a dvd screener floating around out there, but it has a time ticker, and i think the svcd look better.


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