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Thread: BFG gfx cards....

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    anyone used the BFG Technologies video cards?
    they have a lifetime warranty and all, seems like not a bad choice....

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    In my opinion, Most of their card's seem overpriced compared to other card's in their respected series.
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    Yes they are very good cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaYiaN
    In my opinion, Most of their card's seem overpriced compared to other card's in their respected series.
    here locally they all seem about the same,
    maybe a few more bucks for a BFG, but with a lifetime warranty though

    but they all seem overpriced here
    250 USD for a 6600GT
    well they did have the PCI-E 6600GT for 150 after rebates
    but since it seems that my 64 bit system is on hold indefinately now...
    want to grab a decent AGP card for my socket A board
    its down to either a 6600GT from BFG for $250,
    or the X700 Pro for $200, and since the 6600GT seems to own the X700 Pro...

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    Stop all this silly talk immediately.

    Why are you spending that sort of cash on a platform you are going to jump from sooner, rather than later?
    If you're for sure moving to a64, they why not look for "pre-owned" cards?

    They are everywhere to be found as the idle rich scurry to SLI, casting off nice, slightly past-their-time AGP cards.

    For instance...
    Quote Originally Posted by OCForums Classified

    ATI 9600XT and Arctic Silencer II ($95!)


    Selling a made by ATI Radeon 9600XT, default at 500core 300mem with RV360 chips. Also selling an Arctic Silencer Revision II that fits onto the card. The Arctic Silencer was NOT put on the card! The card is in perfect condition, and was only in my computer for 2 days before I pulled it for a 6600GT. There wasn't even time for any dust to settle in. It looks brand new. The original box as well as driver CDs are included.

    The 9600XT was bought around November last year for $180 dollars, and it's barely used. The Arctic Silencer was purchased off of someone else on these forums, and is in perfect condition. I'm asking for $95 for the card, and $15 for the Fan. I'll sell both for $105. ***EDIT*** Both shipped for $95!!!

    Pictures will be up tommorow, I left my camera in my car and I'm too lazy to go get it. PM me with any questions.

    Edit: Prices dropped.

    Pics from the 'egg added!

    This is NOT the same card, but it's the exact same physically. It's the only image I could find with that heatsink/fan combo.
    Quote Originally Posted by OCForums Classified
    I have decided to keep my fully modded out X800XTPE, so my 6600GT (AGP) is up for sale. Originally this was a fanless design - as seen HERE

    But, the stock cooler sucked (as I figured) so I mounted an all copper Zalman VF700-Cu. This really helped the temps drop.

    Stock clocks for this card are 500/1120, but I've tested it as high as 550/1180.
    I think the core has more in it, but the memory is pretty much maxed out.

    I have about $240 in this setup, but as usual I'll make a nice deal for a fellow overclocker.

    This card is about two months old, and my computer was shut off for a month while I was in various overseas locations. So it has about a month of actual use.

    My price is $165 shipped via USPS Priority mail with delivery confirmation. I also have the orginal box and all the other stuff as well.

    Payment via non-cc paypal or MO.

    I have heat under mattspalace. It's about 99% from ocforums.
    See a trend here?
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg


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