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Thread: Movie Playing Problem

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    Hi, I just downloaded Down To Earth DVD rip its a .avi file. I have tried to play it in all my video playin prog's inc. Real, Windows media player, quicktime and none of them want to they say "class not registered" so i opened it in BSplayer and i get an error messege sayin "Unknown File Format (DIV3)" can anyone help as i would like to watch this movie..Thanx

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    part of the index block could b missing or currupt tri a run it through a prog like divfix,avifix or open it with vdub!

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    Hi CosmoK, thanks for the help. I tried divfix but that didnt do anythin, and also i tried vdub but it said that at frame 448 there was an error. Is there any way in that prog that i can take it from say frame 800 to the end and just save that as the avi?

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    Before u cut the movie tri it with avifixed first.If i rembr right divfix only checks for error and don't fix them
    unlike avifixed.
    here's a hash
    Length:188416 Bytes,184KB

    but u might have more luck d/l it through google

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    i had the same problem with the jap version on the ring.
    i found avifixed through google, ran it on the file and within 60seconds it was complete and now works fine!

    thanks ck-uk!

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    once when i downloaded a movie i couldnt play it on anything on my PC but when i put it on a disc it played in my computer so if you have a rewriter give that a go.
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