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Thread: eDonkey Drops All Bundled Software

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    [news=]During the installation process of the official eDonkey client, one is given the option to install four different types of adware; Webhancer, GloPhone, Web Search Toolbar and Although this third party sofware is optional, those unwitting enough to install these additions were quick to criticize eDonkey as a spyware client.

    Although eDonkey was an adware client, labeling it as a spyware application was a bit extreme. Simply opting-out these four adware programs during installation prevented their presence on one's machine. Never the less, this distinction did not help this client's situation as it was delisted from in early May.

    During this time, instituted a "no adware/spyware" policy. The policy dictated that an application could still have bundled software, providing it was "opt-out." As far as most people were concerned, this description fit eDonkey. However still detected Webhancer even after opting-out of its installation - an assertion that remains questionable to this day.

    In MetaMachine's ongoing campaign to gain favor in the P2P community, it was announced yesterday that eDonkey would no longer be accompanied by third party software. During installation, the adware option screen no longer appears.

    Instead, MetaMachine has initiated an affiliate program. Those with high traffic websites are invited to direct users to eDonkey's download page. The hope is that more individuals will purchase the full version of eDonkey, and affiliates directing to this end will share in the profits.

    While eDonkey was always a fairly respected P2P client, this move should help push this client back into serious competition with eMule.

    Source: Slyck News[/news]

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    yeah but since the "ads" are stored in little html files in the "trusted zone" (in edonkeys working folder) full of javascript, iframes and god knows what other exploits can be employed via local html, i'll pass


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