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    I'm sure i saw people talking about other places to download games etc. but can't find it. I think it was something called direct download or something? I keep getting corrupted files with Kazaa, so i would like to know if there's somewhere i can get stuff that actually works! Thanks.

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    For ease of use, download speed, and variety of files, Kazaa is the best. If you use verified hashes from this forum, you shouldn't have too many problems. I've downloaded hundreds of files and only a handful of them were ever corrupt. But if you want to try some other P2P programs, here is a list of alternatives:

    (eMule is good for games and for fixing corrupt files, but it takes a little more 'effort' than Kazaa.)

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    Originally posted by Nightwolf^.`.^@9 April 2003 - 11:12
    (eMule is good for games and for fixing corrupt files, but it takes a little more 'effort' than Kazaa.)
    "a littel more 'effort'"
    Emule is realy good, on finding new stuff, but DL take quiet a while....

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    I think i saw someone mention a programme that you can fix broken files with? Is this correct? I think it was called cd image or something? Does it actually work?

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    If by effort you mean patience...yes.

    CDmage will attempt to fix corrupted parts in disc images. It can't fix all of them all the time, though.

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