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Thread: Ares Questions

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    Why when I try to preview a movie it shows up a loading pop up then it does absolutely nothing is this a common bug? Also are there any skins for Ares?

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    About the little window that pops up,
    when the file is mpeg, it almos always work,
    and when its an avi(Divx), it almost for shure wont work.
    I believe that the reason for it not working might be that the downloading file
    is still hasn't downloaded enough info to make something of it,
    if you put the 'mouse pointer' on to of the file, you might find that a box
    displaying info about the file apears, if the there is a thin green bar on the graphis displaying bellow, it means that aparently there is now enough info at the start of the file, and the Preview function 'might' actually work now.
    And its an avi and still doesnt work,
    try previewing it with the actual DivX player,
    it almos always work with me.

    btw, if you wonder why I use "almos always" and "might" is because, well,
    that's how it is!.

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    Ok is there any skins for Ares also now when I preview a song Ares just crashes I have reinstalled it and everything still does it, it never done this before

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    100th post

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    thats never happened to me before with ares


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