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Thread: Battlefield 1942 Cd1 & Cd2 Bin Files Any1 ?

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    hey people,. would appreciate if you could help me out here, my mate tells me u can only download cd1 off kazaa and there is no working cd 2, just wanna check that out with u guys, and if you know, the file sizes would be appreciated


    P:S im only writing on this section cus i cant see the request section

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    youve also posted in software world, this should be in games world, and i am sure there are hashes somewhere in the verifieds in gamesworld.

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    i DL mine of the verified and it works fine...
    so DL it from there it's about 716MB

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    oh, I got mine of the verifieds and my cd 1 dont work. Can't remember the exact error but its something like "required file\component could not be found"

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    i got battle field but form a shop. anyway this is a rquest, gess where it should be.

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    one thing... (i'm a newbie) , whats a hash? answer plz


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