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Thread: Windows xp lcoking up problem.

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    For the past few days now i`ve had a problem with my computer freezing or locking up. When i try to end the program i just get the end now program but it does`nt shut it off it just says it`s not responding.

    I`ll then try the ctlr,shift and escape to try to access the task manager to end the program there but it won`t access this also for a while and then all of a sudden it`ll come to wipe everthing off the screen including the task bar and all the icons as if it resets . Then it only loads certain things in the system tray along with the desktop. I thought it was firefox or WMP 10 conflicting with some thing else, but i`ve un-istalled them and then re-installed them but it still does it.

    It does come across as to many programs are opening at once and sucking all my ram/cpu power. Is`nt there a thing with xp to type in the cmd promt that checks that all your system program are ok.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds very similar to the problem I was having last week. Try the help that was given to me here

    The FST group


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