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Thread: Program for checking proxies.???

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    Is there such a program for checking your list of proxies to see if there good or bad ones.

    I`ve recently installed switch tool for firefox and it changes it every 999 seconds but sometimes comes up with the message that it was unable to connect with the proxy or it`s timed out or it`s just a really slow one. I got a list of 100 proxies and put it in there but it`ll take forever to sort the out one by one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i use completeanonymosssurf programit gets proxies and auto verifies them

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    there are lots of programs to check proxies,,

    charon proxy checker
    access driver,

    my favrite,, charon ,, its easy and very fast..

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    The best I know is Proxy Checker Pro 7.4


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