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Thread: sorry for the newb question

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    but i searched for phx-nswp and didnt find any thing.

    so i friend of mine DLed an App broken up into 30 files... all of them are called phx-nswp

    any suggestions?

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    Tried unraring the first one?
    All I've found about phx-nswp indicates it's a fragmented compressed file (a Norton System Works ISO.)
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    yeah, I was able to compile the file into one large file with a splitter joiner program.

    But I have yet to figure out what to burn it with. I tried using alcohol to burn it to a cd and that didnt produce anything that a windows computer can read.

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    what's the file extention?

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    Don't know.

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    1. Open a Folder any folder
    2. Then at the menu bar go to tools
    3. Choose Folder Options
    4. Choose the View Tab
    5. Uncheck the box "Hide Extension of Known File types"

    Then you can see the extension


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