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Thread: Downloading DVD-R movies - question about...

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    Ever since I started using bittorrent, I've noticed there are a lot of DVD-R movies,
    but, are these good?, do I just download and burn to a DVD-R?
    For example, there is this one and contains the next files:


    Could this be a real one?
    Or can I just burn the .iso as I do with a downloaded sofware?
    Cus if that actually works, I might start downloading some DVDs.
    Thanks for any info on this .

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    You should only download Scene releases or DVDs with a good NFO.

    read the NFO before downloading a DVD.

    also check if the DVD isnt NUKED.

    For the movie Alexander, I wouldt download it without knowing who ripped it because there are 3 or 4 NUKED versions online.
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    i dislike them bhecause they're too big, other than that just pay attention to small things like the nfo. i personally like dvd rips.

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    @ worldpease

    Always check out the nfo

    If the file is on a good site like filelist or pisexy then download and burn it to disc(as long as you've got a dvd rewriter that is).


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