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Thread: USA 3 Vs Wales 77

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    I'd forgotten watching this in the pub last night until reading the newspaper just now. I know the US public don't take rugby too seriously but the coaches and players do, this is an enormous set back for them and an incredible boost for what amounts to the Welsh second team - with 10 of the first team in NZ with the Lions.

    Welsh rugby is in the best state I've ever seen, it's a shame the Celtic league is in the administrative shambles we currently see. Usually only Australia and NZ pull off results like this away from home

    I'm probably the only one on the forum to care about this and I know it's only the US rugby team and it was only a friendly but it gives me a warm glow and adds to the huge sense of expectation I already felt that the current team has the talent to surpass the achievments of that Welsh team in the 70s.
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    Congrats to the Welsh.

    Your Team seems to have great strength in depth, as you say it could prove to be your best ever. It is fun to live in interesting times.
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    Must bring a tear to Max Boyce's eye. Go the Welsh look you.

    I see we won 39-19 in Romania. Two games in a row handsomely won. I think I am getting a nose bleed.

    The Moldova footie game on Saturday was pretty scary though - how we won that 2-0 is beyond me. Watched Brazil play Paraguay last night A small gulf exists I suspect.
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    only watched one rugby match. and that was the girls' school team

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    jeez i didnt know we had a rugby team...
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