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Thread: What info does a paypal subscription send ?

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    I've a legitimate paypal account with my credit card with my real address etc I use for ebay. But I don't know exactly what info is sent if I subscribe to something like FindNot for example. Is there any way I can subscribe to them using this account without them receiving address details etc ?
    To my knowledge the work the same as Anonx, a payment company deals with the payments and the only info kept on the FindNot servers is username/password/paypal subscription ID. But I'd rather my details aren't sent anyways.
    I don't want to be bothered setting up a separate paypal account though, because the only way this helps really is if you have a "gift" credit card thing and even then they have your IP anyways so trust is required to use the service no matter what.

    Thanks for the info,

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    Just that you made a payment and your address.


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