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Thread: Linksys nr041 driving me insane

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    I have set an IP Address in network and dialup settings, I've enabled "port range forwarding" for 6346 and 6348 and I still am unable to share any files..

    When I was not using the router, folks downloaded from me all of the time and so I didn't look like a freeloader.. but now,, I am in router hell over here.

    The port forwarding doesn't seem to be working.. Before the ports were "stealth" now they are "closed"


    And also... Grr.

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    Oct 2003
    What sharing program?

    Have you port forwarded TCP and UDP?

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    Yes I have..
    And still it's not sending any files out
    I search things and download things very well

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    Again. What sharing program?

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    All of them.. But I have always used limewire and always had alot of folks download from me

    But not anymore, now that I "fixed" it..

    I must have done something right, though, because I have never been an ultrapeer in five years with or without the router... is that right?

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    you're sure you turned xp firewall of ??? and maybe a third or 4th party software firewall ??

    for help with your router

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    have you set the p2p clients to use said ports you have mentioned?

    are you using a software based firewall (as jetje's suggestion )

    have you tried enabling DMZ and testing it out?

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    I set the clients to that port..
    No firewall
    Windows 2000
    What is DMZ?

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    ost This feature sets a local user to be exposed to the Internet. Any user on the Internet can access in/out data from the DMZ host. Enable the feature as you wish to use special-purpose service.

    DMZ Host
    IP Address:

    It's got the same IP address I used for port forwarding already in there

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    6346 and 6348 won't work for me no matter what I do
    Meaning everything works fine except no one downloads anything

    Now, I forwarded 6333 and set limewire to listen on 6333 and to Manual port forward to 6333

    And I am seeing a some people try to download
    But it says "TRANSFER INTERRUPTED" and this, at 0%

    If they were stopping them, at least one would have at least some progress...

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