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Thread: How Muchy You Pay Fo That?

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    I was just curious what everyone pays for the run of the mill average;
    DVD, CD, CDR's(10pack), cdrw(5 pack)?

    In Canada on the west coast we pay 20 $, 15$, 10$, 10$

    That may be in Canadian funds(haha the can. dollar is a joke) and not including tax ,
    but Ill bet even with exchange I may pay less than most of you

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    Every weekend there is a sale in one of the computer stores where i am(USA) in which you can get a 50pk or 100pk cdr's for free, only through mail in rebate oifcourse. But I must have at least 800 cdr's sitting next to me-for free!!!

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    Thats so cool free stuff rules

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    Here's how much I pay in the U.K:

    DVD: 15
    10 CD-R's: 4
    CD-RW: 1

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    watsup man im for cananda too and im from T.O. and i pay 5 for 10 pk and 29 for 50pk.

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    I could not stand paying anything over .20 cents US a piece for blank CD-r's. Nomrally I get the free after rebate sales, I end up with a huge stash and only add to it if more freebie offers come out, but in a pinch I may buy 100 pack for $20.

    DVD-R's I am getting for about .90 cents a piece or $1.25 if I want a case included, buy them 100 or 200 at a time. Price includes shipping costs if any.

    As for CD-r's, I would have to say my favorite CD-R would be the Sony Supreme, they are the classiest looking discs you have ever seen and have never burned a coaster with those yet. Best time to buy them is when Best Buy has the sale, $2.50 for 50 of them and they are the best looking CD's I have ever come across.

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    we have bestbuy in toronto but they never have sales like that.

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    ohnnytightlips2 Posted on 9 April 2003 - 17:00
    we have bestbuy in toronto but they never have sales like that. 
    The best I've found is 24.99 for 50 cd-r in mississauga (your neighbour) in a small store.Best Buy in Canada is a joke they never have great sales like they do in the USA..

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    i got a 200 pack cd-rs in slimline cases for 32

    edit: they were gold 80min acers

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    32 pounds isnt that expensive , thats like 75 80 dollars canadian.

    And share daddy gets the best deal 2.50 for 50 (3.75 canadian)sony cdr's.
    Whatever state share daddy is from he gets the best price on writible media

    I only use sony's also.

    But 15 pounds is like 40-45 canadian for a dvd thats too much, i paid 35 w/tax fo my reservoir dogs 10 year speacial edition.


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