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Thread: How To Remove Logos From Movies!

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    KingJohns Guide Removing Logo's

    Virtual Dub

    One of the most annoying items found on downloaded AVI movies, is some on-screen graphic, a logo or a counter of some type. Those groups who first release the movie also make a mess of it by adding their logo, the only thing that does, is annoy people having to view it throughout the movie.

    You can sometimes crop out the movie with Vdub, or remove it while encoding in TMPGEnc (Clip frame). This method shows removing a logo using Vdub and the "LogoAway filter", in this case the logo is not in the black areas so it has to be covered up and not cropped out.

    Install filterDownload the filter and place inside your vdub "plugins" folder
    If Virtual dub is installed at C:\Virtual Dub Then the filter will be at C:\Virtual Dub\plugins

    Virtual Dub
    File > Open File > .AVI with logo

    When you first load the AVI, both input and output screens are the same.
    Now click Video > Filters > Add > Logo away > OK
    Next click the preview button to bring the screen into view.

    Click the Solid Fill button to see the square.
    Now click the up/down arrows on "Logo border position - X -Y" until you have the square in view, and can place it at the top left of the logo.

    Next adjust the value of "Logo border size width height" until the black square has covered the logo completely.

    Click the UGLARM button, and slide the "Blur power" to maximum strength, then click OK

    Select Edit > Beginning to show the effect. As you can see in the above image the logo has been blurred out. You can move forward a few frames to make sure it covers the logo completely in all frames.

    Next you need to save out the copy using full processing mode for the video. You can either use the same codec as the original, or select a different one. Test the output before you convert it all.

    Video > full processing mode

    Video > Compression > Codec > (Same) or use Divx low motion
    Audio > Direct Stream copy

    If you have more than one logo, just add another filter and select logo away again, and do the same as above, when you have all logos (Or counters) covered, then save out a new file.
    If the logo is in the black bars, you can add a filter called "Nul transform" and use the cropping to crop out the area, then save out another copy as shown above.

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