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Thread: Bittorrent slowing down/timing out websites (not slow connection)

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    Well I've had this problem a while ago with Azureus but I switched over the bitcomet and it was fine. Now it's back again.

    The problem is that a little bit after opening BT, my internet becomes really slow. This happens when I'm uploading at 15kb/s (I can get up to 40) and downloading only at 30kb/s (Max: 500). This shouldn't slow down my connection noticeably. I can still get on AIM and MSN messenger, but websites load very slowly or just time out - I can't surf online for this reason. The downloads/uploads seem to slow down in BT too...When I close BT, internet becomes normal after a minute.

    I've opened my ports for my router and limited connections to 100.

    Anyone know the problem? I tried searching here and on Google but couldn't find a solution....Thanks

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    i too had this problem with Azuerus in which the second i stop my download, my internet would not access any websites, and my browser will just report a timeout.
    But i noticed that after updating to i no longer have this problem.

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    Try using a different client? That's the best option, and if the problem still occurs, then maybe you have been rootkitted? 0_o.

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    My connection sometimes dies like tiduseifer after closing azureus. Anyone with a definitive answer, please post it. First post, weee.

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    I used to have that problem when downloading multiple torrents - the solution then was to download one at a time.

    I don't have it anymore - although if I download about 10 torrents I do notice my internet slowing down, but usually my connection is maxed out by that time anyway.

    I don't have a solution, I'm afraid, but I do know that I don't have that problem anymore, even though I used to...

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    Well I usually download 1 or 2 at a time, but I'll try using Azureus again...Also, what's rootkitted?


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    a root kit is a type of malicious software somethimes considered a trojan horse. For more info and some programs for detecting root kits go here
    although i'm not sure if this is the problem. But when there are no other ideas any idea is a good one. Anyway do you have an antivirus?

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    I'm also noticing that, over time, Azureus provokes vsmon.exe (a system file that listens to internet ports and which is related to one's firewalling) to gradually build up to the point where it is hogging more than 75% CPU power, which makes the computer unusable for anything other than downloading.




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