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Thread: Hax0r3d!

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    Adam Sessler's website has been defaced. For those who don't have access to cable, Sessler is a presenter on G4 TV's X-Play - a gaming news/reviews program.

    Looks like the site's admin made it easy.

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    very polite haxor

    Hey genius, when you cut and paste crap into your index.html you might want to check the source to make sure you aren't pasting additional garbage that would provide login information to any old lamer. They might just FTP into your server and rape your site while you're blissfully unaware in one of your sinful nocturnal emmissions.

    Admin, don't worry. Nothing was destroyed in the defacement of this site. The original index.html can't be found anywhere because I deleted it. Consider this an improvement provided at no charge.


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    ...time to send in ramzi


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