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Thread: Gamer Kills Fellow Player Literally

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    Found this at along with other find of television stealer...

    An online gamer was sentenced to death after murdering a fellow player — in real life — because of a dispute over a virtual weapon used in a fantasy game. Qiu Chengwei, 41, was found guilty of stabbing to death Zhu Caoyuan, a fellow player of 'Legend of Mir III'.

    His sentence was suspended for 2 years and could be reduced to 15 years in prison with good behaviour.

    Qiu confronted Zhu in February after learning that he sold the virtual weapon lent to him by Qiu.
    Qiu reported the loss of the Dragon Sabre to police but was told it wasn’t real property protected by the law.

    Prosecutors said Zhu promised to hand over the 7,200 yuan, the equivalent of about $870 US, that he received but Qiu grew impatient and attacked Zhu at his home, stabbing him repeatedly in the chest. Zhu “was sleeping when Qiu broke into his home.

    Online fantasy games — often violent — are hugely popular in China, attracting tens of millions of players.

    Im ready for all the gamers i vs in diablo 2 and i massacre

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    41? What an old nutcase.

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    This reminds me of another news story about these two Star Wars fans that killed eachother by having light saber fights with flourescent bulbs. They broke and the poisonous substance in the bulbs (whatever it's called) killed them both.

    What a way to die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggyjuarez

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    For those of you that have Smoking Jackets and pipes. the subject of this thread was started in the Drawing Room. wonder if it would be worth while starting a dress/suit hires business in here?
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