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    uk dealer of amplifiers mainly the 250 watt range plzz

    i just want some good uk websites

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    then my mission is to save up for some good speakers

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    try here


    I buy all my stereo equipement from there. they are top notch .

    If your after an amp I would go with a cambridge audio a5 about 120.

    It is only a meager 60 watts but if you buy a decent pair of speakers that is enough to rattle my next door neighbours windows.

    A decent 250 watts amp and speakers and you could have a disco in a fair sized hall but would sound crap in your house.

    buy a copy of what hifi sound and vision and they have some very good guides on what kinda stereo will fit your needs.

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    i say creative lab... or logitech or altec ... are those companies around in uk?


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