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Thread: burning a DVD I made ?

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    Hi everyone, I hope someone can give me any advice again.

    I made this DVD from a Xvid 2 part movie, and the final result was this:

    -VIDEO_TS (folder)

    So I draged the folder to NERO and burned it, (even knowing it said it woudnt
    work, and to use something about burning rom),
    then I played it on my PC, and my DVP-246 and it worked fine, but it didnt
    in my SONY Player or my Home Cinema,
    did I do something wrong? is there other way? should I just burn the files
    alone into the disc (without folder)?

    EDIT: forget it, I've resolved the problem.
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    Great op don't tell us how.

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    Didn't anyone read his post?

    It sounds like he's created the DVD and it plays fine in his PC's DVD drive and his Philips home DVD player. But, it won't play on his Sony DVD player(et al).

    First, did you actually burn a DVD movie or just burn those data files onto a DVD disc?

    If it's the latter, than you've done it wrong. Read the forum linked above and be done with it.

    If not, than maybe your other DVD players aren't compatible with (A), "home-burnt" DVDs in general, or (B), the particular type of blank media you are using(DVD+R, DVD-R, etc.)

    Check out and see what types of media and formats your particular DVD models are compatible with.


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    @harrycary ,Did you not read our replies ?


    If the DVD won't work on your standalone DVD Player:
    Try burn with another software such as Primo DVD or directly with the authoring tool.
    Also be sure that you DVD Player supports DVD-R or DVD-RW or DVD+R or DVD+RW.

    I can not select DVD in the upper left corner because it only say CD there
    Your DVD is maybe not supported. If you are going creating a Nero DVD Image but don't have a DVD Drive select File->Preferences and under Expert features select Enable Image Recorder for all formats

    And the link you gave is the same one in my post.

    IKE's link also explains in better detail . But worldpeace says its fixed so thats good and all that matters .
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