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Thread: Sofwtare and tips on Normalising MP3's

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    Hi guys,

    I need to normalise my collection of MP3's as some are loud and some are quiet.

    Are there any good tutorials or tips on how to do this (as I have 3,000 songs) fairly quickly and easily and so that they all sound the same volume ?

    What is a good program to do it with ?

    How does one set the level to be normalised to ? or is it automatic ?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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    im not sure
    but in Cool Edit Pro
    file > Batch File Convert
    and then set them all to the same output

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    Try Mp3Gain, found here:

    Allows you to change gain by tracks, or by album to preserve loud/quiet moments between different tracks for the same album...

    Pretty intuitive to use....

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    I suggest to use replaygain feature of foobar2000 player.
    The advantage of this method is that you do not modify mp3 data, but just add tags after scaning you files in track- or album mode.

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    Thanks guys,

    I Need more feedback !

    I have just tried MP3gain, and it works but my tracks all seem a bit "duller" than before.

    How does Foobar work if it just changes the tags ?

    I do use Foobar as a player sometimes. But it does not like my Windows ME.



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    If foobar finds replaygain tags - it will use real-time normalization according to the mode you choose. Also you can change the level of normalization without rescaning files. This is much more convenient than changing mp3 data every time, and this works not only at mp3s - aac(mp4), mpc, lossless formats - all are ok for this, because you just add tags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99%
    im not sure
    but in Cool Edit Pro
    file > Batch File Convert
    and then set them all to the same output
    Yes Cool Edit Pro will do this very well


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