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Thread: Quick Xp Installatoin

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    OK, I'm ready to install xp, just want to know if floppy disks are needed?

    I have the option at startup to "boot from cd" which starts the xp installation so just wanted to know if skipping the floppy disk way will cause an error or shouldn't be done.

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    You should only use the boot floppies to install XP if booting from the CD does not work, which is usaly caused by a faulty CD-ROM/DVD drive (same as with NT4 and Win2K).

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    you can mess around with your bios to set it to read the cd drive first so you can boot fom the cd

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    but it will only work booting from cd if it is a bootable cd.
    if it aint a bootable cd, i think u can boot with a win98 boot disk with cd-rom support.
    then go into the winxp disk and run setup.


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