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Thread: I Need Help To Find A Game....

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    I have beening doing a paper on computer games which cover the different sides of the human psyche (for example Resdent Evil for fear and how it affects people). I have done nearly of the games which in someway effect human emotions but now i am on lust, naturally I looked for the best hentai "game". this is the best i could find:

    I would buy it but my girlfriend would kill me (we use the same credit card, time after time I told it for my grades, but you know what girls are like), so I look on Kazza lite but i could not find it, so I would ask you guys to help me find it (for free).....

    (note I am doing a paper, I am not some sad 12yrs AOL'er, ok, so not to get flamed here it is again, I am doing a paper, I am not a pevert)

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    was that the best game you could find, or the only one?
    just search for hentai in software and see what there is.
    chances are that's a new game and won't be there for a while...

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    don't know what hentai is but, another game you could try is harvest moon for GBA
    i think thats the one that involves getting a girlfriend somewhere
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