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Thread: P2P Program With Fast Downloading Speeds.

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    I was looking for p2p program with good speeds and don't say bittorent I have Yet ABC and I use it for big files, but I need a P2P program for like music, videos, and small apps that has fast downloading speeds.

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    You don't want anyone to suggest BitTorrent, but ya want "good" speeds ...
    eMule is the only p2p program that comes to my mind ...

    .. BTW what do you consider "Good" speeds ?? I measure good speeds to my internet connection ... If I'm downloading/uploading @ or near my max (ADSL 3000/640), I consider that good speeds

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    Ew forget all those slow Apps just use Ares all my shit gets downloaded in 20 secs less. Just type Ares in Google like the first one.

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    DC++ but the fastest speeds are bittorrent..Emule is the slowest

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    limewire pro is good for this also

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    i have yet to try newsgroups, but i know the are good

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealitY

    we have to pay to download from usenet or not ?

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    You're required to subscribe to an account - $9.95 is unlimited account i.e download to your heart contents. The fee is not for Usenet content itself, it's a charge for the newsreader services - decoding, thumbnailing, indexing, and bandwidth.

    Apart from that all you nead is a newsreader.

    Back to point: Download speeds are ultimately always going to be determined by your internet bandwidth. Eveything else depends on the P2P network you are connecting to and furthermore the sharing available for any one particular file.

    IMHO Try all major P2P networks, find which one fits ur own personal requirements only then can you make a educated pick on which client on what network suits your needs.
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