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Thread: trying to find an old favorite...

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    anybody know where i can get roller coaster tycoon and its expansions? im hoping like a hash for kazaa lite? or a torrent link if possible? even a link to a torrent website with the torrent would be helpful.

    please help me find this old game. Thanks all!

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    thx anyway, but the only 1 that is actually working is the xbox version. and im looking to find the loopy landscapes expansion for it also.

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    lol u dont understand what i was talking about...

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    Well he was trying to help you so.......

    i seriously doubt that the expansion pack will be avaliable as a torrent becausae it wont be popular enough. so unless you get someone to upload for you - then u screwed buddy!

    i thought that amazon link was pretty good - as it had the main game and the expansion packs and bloody cheap too - otherwise maybe get them on ebay?

    theres loads of different listings for all threee games and various expansions and theyre all pretty cheap too

    i guess not all things can be downloaded for free these
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