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Thread: Download won't finish

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    Hi, ive dl the san andreas hoodlum torrent from abc, and it is at 100%, but now the download is stalled and won't complete to seed. all the peices are 'done' except for '/hlm-gtasa.r65' which is stuck at 99%.
    i have 16048 of 16049 peices.
    and there are a number of seeds.
    Also the file size is supposed to be 3.92gb but it tells me i have only downloaded 3.69gb.
    Anyone know how i can complete the download or any other useful info which might help me?
    thanks doolz

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    Somehow you need the download to be rechecked. I would try a different bitTorrent client.

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    Show Hidden files -> remove the thumbs.dll file.

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    In the torrents files when you download them there are garbage data that you download with the file thats why when you download a file that the size is 100mb you download 120mb of the file but won't finish because there is 20mb or more of garbage data. Just wait some more the file well be done.

    Sorry for my english I do the best a can.


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