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Thread: Diff Between Onboard / Seperate

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    of course seperate sound cards are always better but how bad can the onboard ones possibily be?!?!?

    how do u turn off the onboard sound card

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    Onboard sound cards usually take up a lot of CPU resources, thus slowing overall computer performance (One notable exception to this is the nVidia APU found on some nForce2 boards).

    They also tend to provide poor quality and only stereo sound (not 4-speaker or Surround setups).

    You can usually disable onboard sound in your computer's BIOS.

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    ooo bios... thatz how u disable it icic

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    My gigabyte (motherboard) onboard sound card is very good.
    It is stereo and optional surround-sound.

    MIDI is very good, but DirectX also provides a exceptional MIDI emulator.

    Audio CDs are perfect.

    Onboard sound frees up an extra pci slot. Personally, since it is integrated onto the motherboard, i can't see any extra resources being used, as opposed to an "add-on" sound card.

    A motherboard with WindowsXP compatible sound seems to be a good choice.

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    eh well i already sent out my order from newegg... i got a creative lab soundcard...


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