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Thread: X-Men III

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    Warren worthington's (aka: the angel) dad is the main villian in this movie. he is ashamed that his son is a mutant and wants to turn all mutants into humans. he is trying to achieve this through a serum he created by using another mutants powers. magneto breaks out of prison. the brotherhood gets out to. they try to destroy the world and its up to the x-men to save the day again.

    new mutants in this film:




    kitty pryde (SHADOWCAT):




    Finally Gambit is in this movie... always was one of my fav. characters
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    I wonder how this one will turn out since the director and writer of the 1st two, Bryan Singer, left so he can do Superman Returns.

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    ive read that vinny jones is gonna be acting as juggernaut
    i thought they would have got someone bigger and bulky

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    Alan Cumming .... Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
    Maggie Grace .... Kathren Pride/Shadowcat
    Kelsey Grammer .... Hank McCoy/Beast
    Hugh Jackman .... Logan/Wolverine
    Famke Janssen .... Jean Grey/Phoenix
    Vinnie Jones .... Cain Marko/Juggernaut
    Ian McKellen .... Eric Lensherr/Magneto
    Patrick Stewart .... Professor Charles Xavier

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    awesome so gonna c it first day, hope they don't screw it up with all the new characters

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    Nick Stahl the guy who was john in terminator 3 is rumored to have the role as Warren "Angel" Worthington
    and serena williams the tennis woman is tipped to have the role of Stacy X
    who is a bisexual prostitute, i didnt know there was a mutant hooker in the comics.
    this is all on also theres gonna be two spin offs, called Wolverine and Magneto

    below is a teaser poster of x men 3.

    what do you guys think of the director for this film, will he do a good job?

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    nice, juggernaut and gambit finally appear in this film. 26 May, still a long long wait..

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    Quote Originally Posted by motov600
    serena williams the tennis woman is tipped to have the role of Stacy X
    who is a bisexual prostitute

    I like me some Serena. I hope she wears sumthin' to show off that phat ass.

    Good info!!!
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    I'm willing to bet hard cash that Brett Ratner fucks this one up royally.

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    Personally, I can't wait for the wolverine spin off. Wolverine is the best anyway.

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