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Thread: Make up your minds.

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    on something.
    First you delete two posts of mine in a thread, the first one being a reply to someone else's post in the same thread, and while it might not have been very serious, then neither was what I was replying to.

    And look at that thread, it's hardly been very serious in a bit, yet you single my posts out.

    Then when I say that maybe you should make up your mind as to whether you should take out all the not-so serious content, or not touch any of it, you delete that, twice.

    Either stop fucking with my posts or be consistent. And if you are going to keep deleting my stuff, then at least own up to it.

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    1. Decisions of the Administrators or Moderators ARE NOT up for public discussion or questioning and will not be tolerated. Complaints concerning moderators or their actions may be discussed with that moderator or brought to the attention of an administrator by means of a Private Message (PM) (or post in the report section).

    2. There are 15 posts removed from that topic so not only yours were removed
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