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Thread: Problem with grabit

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    My trial of Newsleecher has run out, so I'm trying to use grabit with nzb files from, but all I end up with when the batch has been downloaded are files in the cache named like "160f0074". Anybody know what's going on? In the download folder there's only empty folders like "msgid_1247534_Foo_Fighters_-_In_Your_Honor_(2005)-1".

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    I'm not sure what's the cause of that.
    It's been a long time I used Grabit and I think I never even used it with nzb's.

    Hope somebody else can help you out with this.


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    tried reinstalling? check if all files are removed after uninstall then install again (make sure you use the latest version)

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    This is a bug in GrabIt Ive also seen and is usually created when the files arent on the server and you get random crap files that are no byte files. If the files are the size they should be then they arent being converted properly and being left in thier origianl parts which a reinstall may fix perhaps. I suggest first trying another app like NewsLeecher and getting a recent article and then if the proplem persits or if NewsLeecher shows nothing being dl then it may be time to start looking into another server such as a pay one...


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