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Thread: Lates CloneDVD, question.

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    Hi everyone,
    I tried to copy two DVD movies using the lates CloneDVD
    (and TDK DVD-R 4.7) and strangely the two time the burning failed,
    (if you have the latest vertion you know, a girl says ''Ooh No").
    So, I know it might just be a glitch, but I also notice something that
    I didn't notice before, in the second screen (2nd step) there is a little menu
    to the left side of the 'burning quality bar', and it ask you to select the
    media type, and the options are: DVD-R, DVD-5, etc.
    Is DVD-5 the right one, cus thats what I had selected.
    Please any info on this would be good, cus I brought like 10 DVDs from the store I work and I'll have to take them back tomorrow... ...

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    Since it's a DVD-R, try using that option...
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    If some part of the Extras..are removed, CloneDVD will not burn the whole DVD, just the Movie Only if you select that...I use CloneDVD alot, if it wont burn...I will use Nero, cause it will burn after you tell it to ignore the error.

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    easier is DVD Shrink.

    for even better quality compress with CCE


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