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Thread: Ares: More than 15 downloads?

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    Hey..I use Ares lite and was wondering if there is any way to get more then 15 downloads at once...because its gay.

    If there isnt a way...then what is a better P2P ares...

    Ive heard of limewire, emule, bearshare and others but i just dont know which one to use..
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    Ares is the best P2P app out there in my opinion.

    Screw the 15 downloads limit, I wanna know how to remove the 35 uploads limit.

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    Well for rare files emule is the best.

    IMO Ares is like Limewire only difference IMO is that Limewire has a what's new option (basically seeing what the newest files are out there) as well as a way to find out keywords that other people are typing as well as more files. (I'm an idiot at advanced p2p options so there might be more like gnutella yadda yadda etc.)

    Not dissing on Ares or anything but it would be great really if ALOT more people are using it. (For some reason, LW chunks out more files on searches than Ares does so I'm assuming Ares has a smaller userbase)

    Con to LW is there's lots of fakes (again Gnutella something) and there's this thingy called magnet links or something that I don't know about.

    Oh yeah it's been awhile but I think LW has multiple searches and Ares doesn't.

    As for the limit, I don't think Limewire has the 15 download limit

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    Thats how you gain patience my friend


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