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Thread: Postal 2

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    I downloaded this via bittorrent, and it all seems to be in place, but i'm not sure how to get it on to cd and install it. It's not a bin or iso file, just 44 separate files, each numbered and a single SFV file (whatever that is)

    How do I get this to work? NFO just says "extract the archives and burn the .cue file" but i can't see how to extract these files as they don't appear to be a recognised file type, and there isn't a cue file!

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    The .sfv file you don't need - it just checks the file is not corrupt, although with Bit Torrent it should never be.

    Extract the first numbered file (i.e xxxx.001) with WinRar and you should get a bin and cue for the first disc. Do the same with the second CD and you're done.

    edit: And let us know what the game's like, I was wondering about that one

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    Mmm...well that doesn't seem to work. Winrar says that i need to begin extraction from an earlier volume, but i've tried nearly everyone of the 44 files with no luck. I can see the bin and cue in the 001 file, but it won't extract for some reason. Any ideas?

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    i just installed bittorrent for the first time...and I was wondering where I could find Postal 2 to download using havent got a clue on how I use this thing

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    You can get it here;

    If you've installed bittorrent you just click on the file and select where to save it and that's it...

    If anyone can tell me how to get Postal 2 working that would be much appreciated...

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    i have it working. open winrar, go to the directory with the .001 .002 .003 etc files - just highlight the .001 file and click extract at the top - will create .bin and .cue.

    simple as that.

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    I swear that's what i've been doing! I'll check again...

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    Is torrent ok for none high speed users to download?

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    not for me...i normally download at 100+ i'm getting under 20...I get get it any higher!!!

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    I can't get Postal 2 to work. I've tried extracting it via winrar, but it keeps saying same thing. I can't figure this out. I've tried it every which way but with no luck. What am i doing wrong? I assume if other people have got this exact same version it should work, so what is going on here? I'm not stupid. I've done this kind of thing before! I've deleted it and am downloading again. FOR F**KS SAKE!!

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