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Thread: Interesting... (for Symantec AV10.xx users)

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    If I read both pages correctly, then I am under the assumption that SAV10 is performing some sort of "quickscan" after each time my virus definitions are updated. I do not have much of a problem with that, mind you- I hardly notice any change or slow-down in my system at all after doing so. However, on reading reading down further I see that SAV is also doing this "quickscan" each time Windows is rebooted/started. And I DO notice a considerable amount of CPU useage for an extended period of time after the Windows start-up/logon cycle. I am assuming it is this scan taking place.

    Or is that right?..

    If that is the case and if anyone else is experiencing a similiar scenario and would prefer this scan not occur... well- there is your fix then.
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    Izagaia , thanx for the tip. I did notice but thought it was my new trojan scanner. I'm going to bookmark this just in case . I'm the type that use to time my boot up .

    But gave up after all the shit I have to have load ,to keep my puter safe.

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    I prefer to let it scan at start-up/logon. The little wait is worth the added security imo.


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