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Thread: What News reader are you using?

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    Am interested to know what news reading software you are using and why. I've been using Gabit, which has a decent interface, easy to use but buggy ... have just switched to Newsletter v1 which seems to have more features, uses less resources but is a lot less visually pleasing.

    Which software version do you use currently?

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    Feb 2003
    Newsleecher 1.0

    if you want you can remove all the extra feature windows

    Newsleecher is the best
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    ^ I'm sure I'll come to agree =D

    How long do you reckon it'll be till a ... freeware version of the latest editon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRshady
    ^ I'm sure I'll come to agree =D

    How long do you reckon it'll be till a ... freeware version of the latest editon?
    never I think because since version 2.0 it connects to the newsleecher server to check if your serial is correct.

    but you dont really need a newer version. 1.0 works fine

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    I'm using NewsLeecher v1.0 myself.
    I actually bought a license for it because I couldn't find a decent working crack for it at the time.

    Also have various others installed but don't really use them.(Agent,NewsbinPro,MesNews,...)
    Just trying them out and comparing them with NewsLeecher.

    For reading and posting textfiles I open up Thunderbird.
    Would be great if NewsLeecher would have the same reading and posting capabilities like TB or OE.

    It's already the best binary downloader there is imo,but that would make it only better.


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    Ive been on Newsleecher v2.0 for quite some time...

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    ^ You dug deep within your pockets or found an alternative method Reality?

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    Ive been using Newsleecher for a long time now. I still have GrabIt installed although I hardly ever use it anymore other than as a search tool on occasion. I still think however it is a very good app seconed to very few and a great starting point for getting into Usenet as its very user friendly and of course is still freeware also...

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    I;m using 2.1 final but you have to update you host file

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    i wish i could use the latest newsleecher. i didn't know 1.0 was just as good, maybe i'll use that b/c i tend to like newsleecher over grabit.

    ok, now i just looked around and couldn't find newsleecher 1.0 anywhere. anyone?

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