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Thread: Flight Of Final Osiris

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    the flight of final osiris... is it a sperate movie or is it the 9 part series of animatrix: the second renassiance

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    Its part of a series of animes. The second renassiance is just another episode. Animatrix is sort of like a online TV-SHOW which gets new episodes every other month or so. After 9 episodes they will be releasing a DVD of them all. Its supposidly supposed to be out in two summers from now which makes sense because they still have a lot more episodes to finish before they complete 9 episodes.

    and yes the final flight of osiris is a sepearate movie from the matrix, but is in the series of the animatrix.

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    the Animatrix DVD will be released on June 3rd 2003.

    only 4 of the 9 episodes will be available online from

    one episode, final flight of the osiris, is being shown with dreamcatcher. not sure about the other 4, i think you'll have to buy the DVD if you want to see them (unless they come packaged with other movies in between now and june).


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