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Thread: Virtual Pc For Mac..

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    hey i download;

    Virtual PC for Mac version 7 Disc 1.toast

    from and disc 2. now upon mounting mounts fine..then when i try to install it says this;

    "the installer package "install virtual pc" cannot be opened. Missing or old bill of materials"

    does this mean i got to burn the .toast to a cd? or is mounting it the same thing? HELP! i dont know much about macs

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    Mounting it is usually the same thing. Try burning it to cdrw, if that doesn't work then you may have gotten corrupt files. Or if the images were not lock (you can do this by clicking get info on the image and click on the lock box)at the time of mounting, you could of damaged it. Some time this happens.
    hope this helps

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    Thats smart about the cdrw timmy1 , welcome by the way .

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    Thanks peat moss for the warm welcome :-)
    sowftware abuser, lol

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    Is there such thing as virtual MAC for PC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by orcutt989
    Is there such thing as virtual MAC for PC?

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    Be careful with VPC - I tried installing this a couple of years ago and the end result was it scrubbed my system. I don't think it was a bug either, I reckon it realised I was a pirate and maliciously shut me down... I lost quite a bit of data bu that was my fault for not backing up before hand.

    OSX for pc was leaked onto the net recently so I heard, engadget I think, only enough to whet appetites. Rock solid OS coupled with dirt cheap PC hardware... Sounds too good to be true


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