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Thread: Xbox Game

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    When a downloaded ( and burnt onto DVD ) Xbox game is only recognised 10% of the time .. what could the problem be?

    The DVD discs I use haven't changed, nor has anything else apart from newsgroups being the source .. though when it is recognised all runs well ( although seemingly slower loading ).

    Any ideas?

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    possibly NTSC/PAL issue?

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    Version I have is Pal so should work fine.
    Have also tried burning on top quality media, as well as budget discs and -rw cd has also been tested, all work the same way. Rarely recognised but when done so crashes/dirty disc error after few minutes.

    Am guessing it's a problem with the release.

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    Xbox won't read any types of CD. Try burning at a slower/faster speed. You say 10% of the time, meaning you've downloaded at least 10 and only 1 has worked fine, what was different with this fine release? Chances of 9 releases you downloading being fucked arevery small, also NTSC tv's and Xbox's have issues playing Pal games and visa vesa.

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    By 10% of the time I mean the actual DVD I have burnt only works 10% of the time and most often is either 'unknown' or not recognised at all.

    Nero I have only allows 6x or 8x .. am guessing that means my dvd can't burn any lower.

    ( for arguements sake, the game is the 'wrx-gtasa.part.rar' version of the game in ya sig ).

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    That version works for me. If you can burn at 6X you can also burn at 4X, 2X and 1X, try a different burner.

    If it works 10% of the time and doesn't always fuck up at the same time then its your XBOX's DVD ROM, after a few years they go bad and will fail to read copied media.

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    I doubt it's the DVD drive as for one it's only around a year old but other discs work every time ( other burnt games ) without fail, so I'm guessing it's the release, which you say otherwise so perhaps it needs to be burnt at a lower speed.

    Any idea how I'd get nero or perhaps another burning software to burn at 1x?

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    Alchole 120%

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    Gave it a try and only allows 6x as the lowest

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    Have you cleared out the cache folders?
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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