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    I've been putting my movies into a database and putting codec information to go with them. I'm planning to either have my computer hooked to an A/V receiver or buying the external soundblaster card (can't remember the name) for my laptop soon, so I want to take advantage of the movie encoded with AC3 5-channel sound. G-Spot shows that I don't have the codec WAVE_FORMAT_AC3 from Dolby Labs installed, anyone know where I could find this? I'd prefer just the single codec as I already have the K-Lite basic pack, but any help is appreciated.

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    Download the k++ codec pack,I believe this has ac-3 codecs.

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    Will an AC3 filter decode the same pretty much, because it comes with most codec packs I've seen and seems easy to find. Just curious if it does the same and G-spot just doesnt recognize it.


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