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Thread: php bb question

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    Another board I go to is trying to do this.....

    HTML Code:
    When some1 attempts to create a new thread, types in the text for the new thread and hits the submit button, it should be possible to automatically search the existing threads of the forum to see if any (sub)text they entered matches the text within any of the existing threads. The results of the search could be listed in another page with links to them and prompting the user to check these threads before starting a new one. I know this will involve modifying the code of the forum provided my phpBB? Maybe difficult to implement..but just a thought.
    Is this possible and does anyone have a guide or the knowledge as to how?

    Yes Samurai I am looking at you!
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    It's possible to do.
    When the post is submitted the tet they entered will be searched for in the db, and if matches are found it will show a new page with links to those threads beforfe they can post.

    Wouldn't be too hard in vbulletin, but i'm not sure about phpbb (i've never really used it).

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    Cheers Rossco....I guess I will just have to wait for Samurai...I know he uses php.

    Sounds promising though


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