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Thread: Using Nero To Overburn A Cd?

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    I have downloaded Nero and it works great but the question I have for you is when i "overburn" a cd how many mb can i do over? I will be putting movies on them in divx/xvis format. Right now i can only fit about 717,800kbs on one disc which is only about 700mb using my old program called "create CD" . So what will my limit be on the mb's or kb's using nero. I am just a little confused because i thought that a 700 mb cd can only hold 700mb? In a post I read the other day they said they can make atleast 731mb on one disc? Please end the confusion-Thanks

    Here is the link to the forum i was reading the post in-

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    it will be the same 731 ur burning must support over burning for it to work and it could reck the quality of the movie that u burn

    BTW I see ur avatar alot nealy everyones got it where does everyone get it from???

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    Ive been wondering the some myself and now know how to burn much greater file sizes.

    First get some 90 or 99 min discs, if you are in the UK go to X S Computer Supplies. At the moment 90 min are 7.20 for 25 and 99 min discs are 9.95 for 25.

    I have just writen a DivX film 750 MG and the limit on a 90 min disc & I think you can go up to 800 MG on these discs & about 900 on the 99 min discs

    To burn with Nero (as long as your cd burner supports overburning)

    Switch off Wizard

    Go to New and make sure you choose CD-Rom (ISO)

    Multisession & check No Multisession

    Burn & make sure that disc at once or DA096 is selected as write method

    Go to file -> General & uncheck ' check for correct disc format'

    While in preferences -> expert features & enable overburning.

    In theory it should be able to burn in excess of 900 MG on the right disc but I havnt gone that far yet. If you have any problems let me know


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    im pretty sure you can burn upto 800mb on a 700mb when burning as a VCD or SVCD?? i think

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    Don't go over 82 minutes with 80 minute CD-Rs.

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    if you try runnign nero cd speed in the toolkit folder. thn goto extra, and overburning test, only set it to simulate and you wont waste a cd, run the test and use the value it says, remember it will be slightly different for each make and type of media


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