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Thread: Motorcycle Personality Test

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    You don't need to know alot about motorcycles to take the test.

    My Results
    Yamaha FJR1300
    You scored 0 moxie, 7 zeal, and -2 pomp!
    You have the characteristics of a master street rider. On the way to work, your love for riding sometimes leads you to take the long way. The 50-miles-of-back-roads long way. You live for the perfect road, and plan vacations around riding.
    You need a bike that can handle your addiction to the twisties as well as comfortably carry two on a weekend trip through the mountains. Your bike is the FJR1300. Can I borrow it someday?

    LOL not my choice of a sportbike...I like the Nija's

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    geeez 31 questions..... took some time - better survey than car surveys

    heres my result - wtf?

    You scored higher than 90% on moxie
    You scored higher than 36% on zeal
    You scored higher than 13% on pomp

    The good news for you is that this is a temporary phase in your riding career. You will either (a) buzzsplat or (b) become more acutely conscious of your own mortality after a few minor but eye-openingly lucky crashes.

    Take it to the track. You'll live longer.
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    You scored dead center average, lacking any of the personality quirks that normally drive people to motorcycling.

    However, if you do ride, statistics would suggest that you are destined for a Harley-Davidson, probably something in the Softail line.

    You might have noticed that's a lot of moolah for an (arguably) obsolete piece of machinery, and you're too rational and attitude-free to need the Biggest and Baddest that the marketeers tell you to buy. A far more reasonably priced taste of the Harley Kool-Aid is the 883 Sporty, a fun little beast that leaves you with plenty of cash to customize.

    On the other hand, the only reason I'm bringing up the Harley-Davidson product line at all is due to the fact that Harley is the choice most people think of when they consider getting into motorcycling, and that's mostly because they don't know much about the alternatives.

    Thought experiment: if you were the only person left on earth, and you could pick any motorcycle you wanted, what would you choose? Best looking or best engineered? Your test results don't really point in any direction strongly, so I'll try to nudge you towards substance over style.

    Consider: a FXST Softail weighs 629lbs dry, the base version starts around $14k, and will make 75-80hp -- after you tweak it with pipes and a jet kit. A Buell XB12R weighs 395lbs dry, costs $10.5k and makes 103hp, stock. An Aprilia Tuono R weighs 417lbs, costs $12k, and makes 125hp, stock. (We won't even mention the bang for buck of the Japanese competitors.) Still a fan of retro-classic styling? Then at least consider Harley's V-Rod, which mixes in some modern engineering into the equation (596lbs, 125hp, $17k).

    While the Sportster is a reasonable compromise, you may discover that you enjoy the added feedback provided by standard-style bikes such as the Suzuki SV or the Ducati Monster. (If you must hang with the Harley crowd, they'll be less likely to give you grief if you choose the Buell, though.)

    You have the potential to be a great rider. Take the MSF class, and choose a bike that won't hold you back!

    My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

    You scored higher than 46% on moxie

    You scored higher than 53% on zeal

    You scored higher than 18% on pomp
    i wonder what i would have got if i didn't say i can't stand harleys

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    You have a Harley sticker on your truck. You think that someday you might like to own an actual Harley motorcycle, but that maybe a Harley tattoo would be an investment with less effort.
    I hate harley's tho

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    HCT's Avatar WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Aprilia RSV Mille
    You scored 6 moxie, -2 zeal, and 6 pomp!
    You're a fast and competent rider, but maybe not quite as good as you think you are. You've spent some big bucks on a sexy Aprilia, now go buy a beat-up Kawasaki EX500 as a track bike and get in some practice before you kill yourself.

    Seriously. The Mille's power scares the crap out of you at times, and you mostly bought it because you wanted something more unusual than a Ducati. Its not comfortable, you're not having fun, and you're riding less than you did on your old bike. If you're not willing to put in some serious practice time, you should really get something a little less purposefully lethal.

    My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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    You scored higher than 63% on moxie
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    You scored higher than 10% on zeal
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    You scored higher than 85% on pomp


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