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Thread: Xbox GTA SA Dagger Release

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    Am posting here seeing as I downloaded this from Usenet and can see other nesgroup users have:

    gtasx-dgr.001 - gtasx-dgr.049 all error free extracted simply gives me a 'gtasx-dgr' of around 2gb, what do I do with this from here?

    I then trying extracting from it, in which I'm told an error to the lines of '.iso is broken' and adding .iso to the file and burning as it is doesn't work either.

    Have tried download 3 seperate times ( using grabit and newsleecher ) now so can be sure it's not a corrupt file, any ideas?


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    Looks like this was released on IRC originally...
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    dunno how xbox iso works.

    but when the par2 file says all files complete it cant be corrupted.

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    If you grabbed this and wanted it for XBOX you may also want to find andf take a look at...

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    thanks for the replies, what group could I obtained the moentioned fix from Reality?


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