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Thread: How To Open Dat File

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    I try to open my movie files but I cannot open it ???~~~
    My XP says I need an program to open DAT file.
    They give me a site , Coral ......
    but I tried and it failed...

    Is there anyone who can help me on this ^^
    Thank you...

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    do you mean the DAT file you have when a dload is not completed by kazaa...if so use avipreview to preview the file...some files cannot be previewed for many reasons...

    if you mean a dat file from a vcd then once you have the correct filters and codecs installed most media players will open and run the dat file

    need more info if none of these suit you

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    also if your kazaa program failed to rename the file to the correct file name after the download was complete you may have to manually change the name yourself. Try to rename it to *.avi where * is the name you want to give it.


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