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Thread: Remove Divx6 Logo and other options.

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    In DivX5 I could remove the Divx logo and also change other options like disable post processing for faster playback.

    I cannot find these option either through WMP 6.4 or the control panel.

    Is there any way to access these options?

    If there is no dialog, does anybody know where these registry entries are stored so I can change them manually?


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    DivX6 sucks. You don't need it. Divx5 can play divx6 files too.

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    Thanks, back to 5 for now. I hope they bring back the customizations and maybe more options.

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    An icon appears on the taskbar when a divx file plays and that allows changing the playback settings. It still seems to playback slower then divx5 which is downright horrible.


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