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Thread: help me with my moddied xbox

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    i got my xbox moddied a few weeks ago and i dont have the evox dashboard. i was wondering if any one could help me get it also i dont have a dvd burner only a cd writer i dont know if this matters. any help would be great thanks

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    You will need a DVD Writer, Hardly any xbox's read any cd's. Maybe you should have done a little bit more research?

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    i have my pc conected to my xbox through a router does this make any difference

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    If you can FTP to the xbox games should be alright, providing you brought a bigger hard drive (standard will get you about 2 games), but you will still need a DVD Burner to install EvoX.

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    thanks for your help. would anyone be willing to copy me the disk and send me it in the post. i will pay for your expenses throughh paypal if required

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    I can mail you the disc if needed. The version i have is Slayers Auto Installer 2.6, which is what most people use on there Xbox.

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    send me your details in an email to and i will send you my address

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    Or you could PM me

    PM sent.

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    the way i did it was to use the evox disk to format my new hdd,
    and then use the slayers disk as a ftp server and ftp'd across avaluanch as my dash, and put all my apps on the c drive. i have a 300gb maxtor in mine.
    if yours is bigger than 250 and want to have one big f drive you have to format the f drive with 32bit clusters.

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    200gb is also fine, out media player on and save movies. itll turn out good


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